Experimental wall painting for your new home

Ali really loves a pop of color, so the ceiling inset was a perfect place to incorporate something fun and dramatic. The navy immediately grabs your attention when you walk in and draws your eyes upward to the funky lighting and copper medallion. We wanted to bring some of the navy to the floor to make it a little more cohesive, so we chose a graphic rug with blue tones.

Let’s talk about this art and how I’m obsessed with it. First off, I love designing spaces, but what I am really passionate about is collaborating with clients. The art is totally Ali. We were pinning images back and forth until she found this one. I mean all I can say is mic drop. And that is why I love collaborating.

The table brings in the midcentury feel that they love. We kept the accessories minimal and refined because we didn’t want to overpower the space. As far as setting a tone, we totally achieved it. And if it is any testament, I got a text from Ali saying that a girl came over to pick up a table from craigslist and she told her that it was the coolest house she’s ever been in. And I totally agree. This space really shows off their personalities and reflects their style.

We are finishing up her master bathroom currently and moving on to the dining and living room spaces. The house is getting a trusted painter in October and it’s really going to show off all of her amazing furniture and accessories. Her new table is so, so good. As in I want to hang out and eat breakfast with them in the mornings. Would that be weird? I can’t wait to share the rest when we are finished!